Coveted Tote Bags Are More Than Just A Shoulder Bag!


Even a few years ago, canvas tote bags weren’t so much in demand. But with people realising the impacts of plastics on our planet and with the urge for something fashionable yet functional at the same time, the request for such environment respecting bags rose.

At present these highly sought-after cotton and jute tote bags are everywhere. From brands using it as a promotional item to people deploying it as a shopping bag, it’s role is constantly changing. However, what’s certain about it is that these accessories are here to stay and it’s more apparent now. Let’s check the underlying reason behind it.

More than just an eco-friendly bag

What made people switch to these nature-friendly accessories wasn’t just sheer compassion for the depleting resources of Earth or out of societal awareness but also because of its durability. Totes hardly require much care or maintenance and utilised mostly as a practical handheld bag. Today, with our culture embracing it and with graphic colour blocks adorning it, these are gradually gaining more prestige than before. Multifunctional in nature, these don’t give in to the loads carried inside, by either a college-goer or a grocery shopper.

Transforms regular customers into influencers

With budding tech-savvy brands comprehending the power of totes, supplied by cheap tote bag manufacturers in India, nowadays purchases from them are usually accompanied by canvas totes. The clever designs and catchy slogan imprints on them are a reason enough for people to be influenced. Furthermore, such brands make it a habit to update the colour and styles of those accessories to positively influence the purchase of its customers, both regular and potential ones.

Intimates others about one’s purchases from a renowned brand

Nowadays, totes bearing the logo of a well-known brand, allows customers to flaunt it, subtly inform strangers about one’s purchases from a prestigious brand and show-off their highbrow habits. This also acts in favour of companies, who wish to transform their regular customers into brand ambassadors.

Sends out a message

With companies growing eco-conscious and constantly making a move to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibilities, the demand for totes has considerably improved. To them, such bags communicate their sense of duty towards the community. Moreover, to embrace the new gifting culture, recognised brands are now giving away branded tote bags as freebies to improve public relations and promote their brand name across a larger audience.

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