5 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercings


Ear piercing is the most popular and enjoyed body piercing across the world. Earrings are the most adored and admired piece of body jewelry by both men and women. In some cultures, ear lobes are also pierced for medicinal and traditional reasons. Today, mostly they are worn as fashion statements.

Different types of earrings popularly worn include fine earrings, fashion earrings, body jewelry earrings and clasp style earring. Fine earrings are expensive and made of costly metals such as gold and platinum. Fashion jewelries are made of low-cost materials such as plated metals. Body jewelries are made of highly sterilized metals such as titanium and surgical steels. The decision to purchase an earring should also depend on the type of metals that suits your skin.

Over the years, people have been piercing different part of the ear some of which has grown to be more popular. Listed here are the top five most popular ears piercing types:

Ear Lobe

This is the most popular piercing types and has been popular for ages. This is because it is the least painful type of piercing as there is no cartilage present in this area and is soft. Being the widest area, it offers options for multiple piercings and stretching. Ear lobe piercing also offers the widest choice of earrings such as studs, rings and dangling rings.


Helix is the upper part of the ear. Multiple punctures are possible due to a large area of the helix. Sporting multiple studs in this part of the ear is in trend, more so in the western countries.


It is also called the snug piercing. The cartilage inside the ear rim, the vertical fold, is punctured. Curved ball rings or circular rings are mostly worn in this part. However, earrings worn on the helix can also be worn here. This piercing type is shallower and less popular to its helix counterpart, because of the latter’s prominence.

Industrial Piercing

It is also known as scaffold piercing. Two punctures are made in the ear cartilage or the helix and a single piece of jewelry is worn across them. It is a very popular type of piercing, because it is more eye-catching.

Ear Lobe Stretching/Gauging

Ear stretching is considered the latest fashion, although it has been practiced by a few cultures across the globe for centuries. Due to the high elasticity of ear lobes, gauges are used for ear gauging or stretching the ear-lobe hole to make it bigger.

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