Thongs Buying Guide For Plus Size Men


Thongs have become a vital part of men’s underwear section. Most of them come in comfortable cuts and fabrics that have even made them an essential every day or a gym wear. So, when they help us throughout the day, isn’t selecting the right size important to gain the best of comfort down there? A majority of us are a little big around our hips or thighs that restricts us donning such essential underwear. The reason is they are more appealing when compared to other styles. If you are one among the population, then read on the following blog on how to select the underneath article according to your body structure.

  • Determine the occasion before purchasing: Men’s thongs come in a blend of patterns that includes the regular ones, enhancements, intimate wear and sporty styles. Therefore, it is important to decide the type of thongs that you need. The regular ones are for the daily usage while the enhancements are specially crafted to provide a better front profile. On the other hand, the intimate wear, as the name suggests is crafted for special occasions while the sporty styles are for gymming and workouts.
  • Know your comfort level: Any attire that you select, comfort should be the first and foremost point. The outfit should be capable of keeping you comfortable throughout the day which is determined by the fabric alone. Certain materials like cotton, polyester, polyamide, lace, sheer and mesh etc provide the best of luxury down there. These fabrics help in absorbing the sweat and keeps you dry. Well, if you are looking for something sexy and intimate for special occasions, you can also go for mesh or sheer fabrics as they are more of the revealing type and help in raising your machismo.
  • Note down your size: There are two simple steps that you need to follow to choose the right fit.
  1. Measure your Waist: Take a measuring tape and place it around your waist firmly along where the elastic waistband would be. The tape should be approximately placed 3/4th down the line between the navel and your manhood.
  2. Measure the genital size: Next, you need to decide what kind of fit will be appropriate for you. Typically, fit depends on your genital size. Once you have your measurements, choose the type of fit that you suit you. Prefer a loose fit if you think you are larger than average in genital size, and a tight fit if you think you are smaller than average in genital size. Otherwise, choose a normal fit according to the size chart in the websites.
  • Stick to a reliable store: Selecting a good store is important to save some dollars in pocket. Limit your choices to trusted online stores which have a huge assortment. Some of them like also offers discount coupons which can be fruitful.

With your choice of style and design, also keep the above tips in mind. It can help you choose the right thongs for your body structure.

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