The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Brooch


Did you think brooches are something only worn by older women aged 50 or perhaps above 60 years?

You’ve got the whole fashion theory wrong, my friend!

More fun than necklaces and more elegant than a pair of earrings, brooches should always be on your mind if you’re feeling playful and chic.

There aren’t many accessories more versatile than brooches. When it comes to styling one, there are just so many possibilities out there that you won’t ever get bored.

If you want to add sophistication and class to your personality every time you play dress up, try these stylish ways of wearing a brooch.

1. With a Coat or Jacket

A jacket or coat is one of the most common clothing pieces that can be adorned with a stunning brooch. However, when you’re doing it, you need to do it right.

The ideal placement is the upper left or right side somewhere between the shoulders and the opening of the coat or jacket.

Pro tip: To take your outfit game up a notch, go with a heavy, fancy brooch because it complements the thick fabric of a coat or jacket.

2. With a Suit

When you decide to go all formal and sophisticated wearing a suit, wear a brooch on the lapel to enhance the look.

On a side note, this is an easy placement of the brooch because the lapel can easily be turned to get access to its backside.

3. On a Bag

Don’t feel like wearing a brooch on your outfit? No problem! Attach it on your bag and rock a fashionista look.

You need to try this simple trick, especially if you have plain purses or clutches that you’d want to look a bit classier for a fancy daytime event or a lavish dinner party.

4. With Hats and Caps

Brooches make for a stunning accessory for both hats and caps. No matter which kind you’re wearing, attaching a pretty brooch to it will instantly make you look glamorous.

5. A Group of Small Brooches

You don’t have to wear the same brooches over and over again with your outfits. You can add a touch of creativity by placing a few small brooches closely together to give the impression of one big brooch. It’ll look unique, making you stand out from the crowd wherever you go!

6. In Your Hair

Who said brooches can only be worn with clothes or items?

You can step up your creative fashion game by wearing it as a hair accessory!

Hair accessories never go out of style, especially for parties and special occasions. And brooches can be the most gorgeous ones!

Add one to your ponytail to glam up your look or if you’re going for a hair bun, attach a brooch to a hair clip or a hair comb. We’re sure you’ll love the head turns this simple tip will get you in a room full of people!

7. With Sweater

Sweaters are also a great option to wear a brooch when you’re in the mood to kill it with your looks!

Apart from it complementing your look, an additional benefit of wearing a brooch with a sweater is that its pin can be fitted between the fibers without having to ruin the delicate fabric.

8. With Blouse or Shirt

Brooches also look lovely when worn on a blouse or shirt, which means that you don’t have to wait for a formal occasion to style one.

The only thing you need to be careful about is the type of brooch you choose. Usually, the material of shirts and blouses is rather thin and delicate. So, make sure that you pick a lightweight brooch to pair with it.

9. With Scarf

On days when you feel extra fancy, you can add glamour to your outfit by simply attaching a brooch at the end of a scarf. And honestly, styling a brooch with a scarf is a lot of fun – you can play with different colors, patterns, and prints!

Ideally, simple brooches look great with floral or plaid scarves and brooches that are more decorative go well with solid color scarves.

10. On Your Waistline

Not really a fan of belts on dresses? Accessorize your waistline with a decent-looking brooch!

A large, ornate brooch can instantly add an oomph factor to a plain dress, perfect for any occasion. You may place the brooch in the middle or to either side of your waistline based on your sense of style and preference.

With so many brooch styling tips in mind, you can never look bland on a special occasion! The best thing is that you can easily buy rhinestone brooches online to diversify your jewelry collection. Now that you know how versatile and stylish they are, why not treat yourself or your loved ones to a beautiful piece?

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